studio 12 architecture  specializes in  Architectural Design

The office holds the art of administration of complex projects and coordination of multidisciplinary scientific teams towards specific goals within the limits defined.
At studio12architecture we have worked with a large circle of major clients, including: 
Ministry of Transport and Communications (Aviation) 
Ministry of Planning and Public Works. 
Department of Health and Social Welfare. 
DEPANOM SA Public Construction Medical Institutions SA 
Organization of School Buildings. (OSK)
General Secretariat of Sports. (GGA)
Municipality of Peristeri, Keratsini, Zografou, Agia Paraskevi, Halandri, Nea Makri, Nea Smyrni Argyroupolis Orestiada. 
Also, the firm has worked with a large number of semi-public bodies, housing associations, private companies and construction companies.